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As a licensed Orlando mortgage broker I am able to assist my clients with all facets of financing for their homes. I have placed my license directly with a lender which eliminates the middle man, thus affording me the greatest flexibility and some of the lowest rates available in Orlando. Please feel free to contact me directly should you have general mortgage questions or have any of the following mortgage requirements:

  • Establishing the current value of your home
  • Refinancing your Orlando mortgage or out of state mortgage to get a better rate
  • Require cash out of your home mortgage for improvements; a vacation; a new car or simply for cash flow
  • If you're selling your existing home and want someone to prequalify the mortgage eligibility of your potential buyers
  • If you are buying a new home and want the best possible mortgage rate available

As an licensed Orlando mortgage professional I understand that not everyone's credit is going to be perfect. I often work with individuals still in bankruptcy through to the minority of individuals with excellent credit. Many individuals will qualify for a mortgage in the Orlando market that previously thought they would not be eligible. I promise to keep your mortgage needs confidential and will do everything possible to ensure you receive the most competitive mortgage rates available in the Orlando market.

Please feel free to contact me directly at (407) 346-5331. I will respond with care to provide you with any mortgage information you require - no strings attached.



Chantal Gakwaya

Licensed Orlando Real Estate Agent/Licensed Orlando Mortgage Broker


Contact me today at (407) 346-5331 for all of your Orlando Mortgage needs.