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How It Works


Free MLS—Pay only for success!


1. Choose Your Plan and Create Your Listing:

Start for free with a listing on your local multiple listing service – including national real estate supersites like Realtor.com -- and pay a 3% commission when your house sells (1% to GlobeCore and 2% to the buyer′s agent).


Start with a fee of $99 a month to have your home listed with your local multiple listing service and also with the biggest real estate sites in the world. You will pay no additional fee to GlobeCore when your home sells. If you choose this plan you will pay with a credit card when you sign up.

Select the package that′s right for you and and fill in the details using our easy fill-in-the-blanks template. You will see where to insert details about your house – such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has – and how to upload photos. Refer to our Library and Selling System to create a listing that will appeal to buyers and for insight into the best way to prepare, price and present your home. You can update your listing with new photos and information any time you want.


2. Complete the paperwork to move your listing into your local multiple listing service and to all online sites where buyers look.


After we receive your listing and see which plan you have picked, it′s time to complete the paperwork to move your listing quickly onto your local multiple listing service.


You will receive the paperwork via email from the GlobeCore affiliate who represents the multiple listing service in your area. Complete the form and return it right away to your GlobeCore listing coordinator.


That′s it! Your home will appear on your local multiple listing service, Realtor.com and other nationally known real estate supersites within two business days, positioning it to be seen where buyers look first and most often.

Your name and number will be listed as the contact in the MLS and buyer′s agents will contact you directly.


3. Arrange showings using the Globecore scheduling tool and continue to market your home locally using the great ideas in our Library.


Once you have negotiated a contract with your buyer, the sale will continue to closing in the standard process, with a title company or real estate attorney handling the closing. If you have chosen the “no-fee MLS” plan, the closing papers will direct a commission of 2% to the buyer’s agent and of 1% to GlobeCore.


Why It Works


  • GlobeCore acts as your listing agent and puts your listing on the MLS and distributes it to all the online real estate sites where buyers look.
  • GlobeCore provides an easy-to-use listing template and a real estate selling expert to coach you through the sale process.
  • GlobeCore provides expert advice and insight for the whole selling process. Rely on our customer support center to answer questions. Reference our online Library and Selling System for great ideas for preparing, pricing and presenting your home to house hunters and their agents.
  • GlobeCore works with local buyers’ agents to ensure that your home sells quickly and for the highest possible price.


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Flat fee MLS Plan - Sell your home in Florida -Orlando-Tampa

Select Your Plan Flat Fee MLS Free MLS
Price $99 Per Month Free!
Term 1-6 Months 6 Months
Commission 0% - 3% 3%
GlobeCore Website Listing X X
Home Selling System X X
Interactive Home Visit Scheduler X X
Listing appears on Repzero.com
Zillow, Trulia, and dozens of other major real estate websites
Professional Lawn Sign X X
Realtor.com Listing X X
Six Month MLS Listing X X
Listing plans are not available in WA. FLAT-FEE MLS plans are not available for properties listed in SD, ND, or WY, and selected counties elsewhere in the US.
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Find the plan that's right for you

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